See your completed package before you go to press!

Touch it, feel it, use it in photo shoots, take it to important meetings. That’s right. We can make folding carton and rigid box graphic prototypes with simulated foil stamping and embossing on all kinds of materials. Even clear plastic and metalized materials. All without starting up a printing press or buying expensive tooling. We often produce these in 24 hours for our valued clients.

Metallic Looks are a Must-Have this Season

Our floor stocked metalized polyester paperboard creates a valuable look with sculptured embossed lettering and intricately-embossed logos. Our in-house pre-press staff knows just the right amount of white ink to add to any art so that some metallic finish shows through, yet headlines remain easy to read for a true stand-out look.

New Coatings Create a “Look at Me” Effect.

Tiny flecks of gold glitter dust accent this box, making it truly unique. We introduce new coating combinations regularly; see our Innovations page for more.

It’s a Fact: Foil Stamping Increases Sales

Foil stamping gets product noticed. It’s also proven that customers expect to pay more when foil stamping is on the package. Add texture to create a look that’s a real show-off. Our foil stamping power includes 51” wide equipment capable of large solids, fine detail, cup stamping and print-over-foil treatments.

New Capability: Refined Edges

White carton edges can interrupt an otherwise fabulous design. Use our “Refined Edges” treatment to add a new way to get noticed.

Since 1930. Bert-Co creates and manufactures folding cartons and innovative specialty packaging.

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