Amazing Structures

Engineered to perform and designed to stand out. Our award winning structural designers in California consider all kinds of materials and infinite details when imagining a new structure. Structures that fit your product perfectly. Structures that make the most of every square inch of material while making you look good. Be bold, use shape to get noticed.

Rapid Prototypes

Need a sample of what your final product will look like before you go to press?

Bert-Co can create a sample that has the same look and feel without going to press. We have great capabilities to produce graphic prototypes on virtually any substrate, with the look of feel of press produced work with foil stamping, simulated embossing and lots of unique coating capabilities. We often produce these in 24 hours.

This sample has simulated foil stamping and an overall embossed texture, all without any expensive foil or embossing dies, saving valuable time and money.

Global Sourcing

Bert-Co International sources a wide array of products and services, ranging from high-end packaging to projects that are hand-labor intensive. This includes metal tins, wooden boxes, fabric covered boxes, injection molding and more. Our China based employees conduct factory audits, approve first articles, and provide continual quality checks to be sure all products match our standards and specifications. Our packaging partners in Mexico produce high end rigid/set-up boxes and other hand labor work.


Third party auditing and certification insures we stand up to rigorous guidelines set by the best-in-class practices from a variety of experts. Whether its color management, cleanliness or the overall International Standards Organization.


Bert-Co is committed to the principles and practices of environmental responsibility, to be a good corporate citizen to the community in which we work and the earth on which we live. We will continue to seek process improvement methods and review materials that reduce resource consumption. Further we commit to expand our use of Agri-based inks and coatings and to purchase chlorine free paperboard from well managed forests.

Our Products

    • Folding cartons
    • Rigid Boxes, Set up boxes
    • Collectors sets and Limited Edition packaging
    • PET and PVC clear plastic cartons
    • Fluted liners
    • Paper palettes
    • Temporary POP
    • Slipcases
    • Kit boxes
    • Disk holders
    • Cine-pak

Capabilities in our domestic manufacturing plants:

    • Project management to bring all the pieces of a line or campaign together.
    • 41” and 56” 8-color sheet-fed presses, with in-line coating units in both plants.
    • Multiple coating capabilities, both in-line and off-line. Including 56” silkscreen UV, glitter, high-rise UV, and many specialty coatings.
    • Print, die-cut and glue PVC and PET cartons in-house.
    • Sculptured embossing and texture
    • Unique and intricate die-cutting, with in house die making.
    • Fine detail foil stamping and embossing.
    • Sophisticated high speed gluing capabilities.
    • In-line source tagging.
    • In-line windowing.
    • Rigid windowing.

Since 1930. Bert-Co creates and manufactures folding cartons and innovative specialty packaging.

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