We can bring together specialty coatings, unique substrates, and unusual structures to help you seamlessly execute packaging that’s Innovative. We give you more to consider when designing your package. Bert-Co’s extensive in-house capabilities coupled with our unique sourcing capabilities and a can-do attitude allows us to continually test and bring new looks to market.


What is it? A color-shifting pigment that shows well over dark colors, but is very subtle over light colors, and has texture. We’ve seen other color shifting pigments, but not applied like this. The pigments are available in colors that shift in hue, or appear glittery. Best used in a headline or overall pattern.


No magnets. No Velcro. Hear and feel a “click”. The solution is elementary.

Click here to watch Sher-loc in action.

Pearl Waves

Holographic rainbow highlights show subtle movement with a soft suede-like feeling. Available now.

Rain on Glass

Like fingerprints, each one is different; this naturally occurring pattern is tough-as-nails and unique. Add to any package with an offline in house coating technique.

Tire Tread

This duller than dull black coating has a high rise effect that adds a unique look and feel. Available today.

Vista Texture

This in-line coating lets you create endless texture possibilities. By adding just one extra printing plate you can make a package that goes from something pretty standard to something pretty special.

Revolver Box

This structure changes graphics before your eyes. Will keep everyone mesmerized. Further examination results every time with “how did they do that?" It's sure to keep them coming back for more.

Refined Edges

White carton edges can interrupt an otherwise fabulous design. Use our “Refined Edges” treatment to add a new way to get noticed.

Since 1930. Bert-Co creates and manufactures folding cartons and innovative specialty packaging.

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